October 2017

This month has flown by in a blur of good days, bad days and sick days. I’ve worked, I’ve been to class and I’ve even done a few assignments. Here are a few of the highlights. At the start of the month, a little kitten followed my housemate home. She was adorable, but quite young … More October 2017

September [2017]

Oh, poor little blog I have abandoned you a little too much, haven’t I? How has it been a whole month and even before then, it was a struggle. To be honest, this whole year has been a blogging struggle. At the moment, I feel like I’m being made to juggle without many lessons. There’s … More September [2017]

August 2017

So much for blogging everyday in August, huh? While I thought I would be disappointed that I haven’t managed it this year, there has been an awful lot going on. Let’s start at the beginning, and with August in Brighton that means Pride. The annual event celebrating the LGBTQ+ community is a pretty big deal … More August 2017