May 2017

Do you ever look back and struggle to remember what you’ve done? That’s what’s happening right now. I know things have happened this month, but most of my time has been spent trying to get all of my university work done. Nevertheless, I will try and bring you the bits of May 2017 that I … More May 2017


There are few words left to say, other than sending love and hope to the families and friends of those affected by the attack on Manchester yesterday. In such a time of heartache, I want to once again praise the fantastic job of those in the emergency services, the staff at the event, and everyone … More 22.05.2017

April [2017]

I blinked and another 30 days went by. I’m sure it’s something that I comment on every month, but time is just flying by and this month is no exception. The start of the month brought the start of my Easter break, and after a few days of relaxing, I jumped on a train and … More April [2017]

March [2017]

Another month has gone by and my head still isn’t quite right, but I’m getting there. Most of March has been dedicated to university work or more precisely procrastinating university work and then stressing about all the time I’ve wasted. Between that and oversleeping, there have been good moments and here are the ones I … More March [2017]