About Me

Hey you, welcome to my blog!

My name’s Charlie, I’m 23 and I’m bad at remembering to update this page so I might actually be older than it says I am. Here’s a photo of me from 2017 getting ready for Pride:

I started this blog way back in 2013 to have somewhere to share my views and opinions with the world. Although my life has changed quite a lot since then, the idea of this being somewhere I can capture my thoughts has stuck, so you can expect to find updates about my life, my views on various things, and open letters to people I want to be honest with.

Currently, I’m a university student in Brighton, although right now I’m actually taking some time out of studying. This is because in late 2017 I was diagnosed with Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder which is a neurological condition that causes me to have seizures. Surprisingly, shaking and studying don’t mix.

You can find me on Twitter @snowy_773 and Instagram @snowball_charlie if you want more of me in your life, or leave me a comment if you’ve got something nice to say.


I think that’s everything for now,

Love, Charlie


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