July 2017

For an indication of how this month has gone, I want to start by saying I nearly forgot to blog today because I forgot two things: 1) that it was July, and 2) it’s the last day in July. That said, there have been some great things this month, and that’s what I want to focus on.

Right at the start of the month, I was helping out with a project called ‘Queer Looks’ at Brighton Museum. It gave me the chance to catch up with someone I’ve known since I was 17 and it amazing to see what’s changed in that time. It was also great to hear people’s stories. It was right at the start of the project, and I’m sure I’ll let you know more about it in the future.


A few days later, I was enjoying having the house to myself and preparing to watch the season finale of Orange is the New Black, when I heard a noise. I went in search of the source and found a mouse eating it’s way through my crackers! I’m sure these things only happen to me when I’m alone. After some calming down, I managed to sort through the cupboard and move everything in there, but in all the panicking, I think I scared it off. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t been back, but we’ll see.


Then, on the 7th, I went to the last Into the Outside session. It was a bittersweet occasion as there was a lot to celebrate, but also it’s sad that it’s all over now. We went to Pizza Express and enjoyed being together, eating delicious food and getting our certificates. Into the Outside has been an amazing project to be a part of, and I’ve had some amazing opportunities throughout it. I’ve learnt a lot about the LGBTQ+ community, and as cheesey as it sounds, about myself too. I’ll always be grateful for the chance to be part of queer history, and to make such treasured memories.

DSC_0066 (2).jpg

In the middle of the month, Carys came to visit and we had a lovely day at the Aquarium. I got a new lens for my birthday, and this was my first chance to try it out – it’s stunning. We went on a glass-bottom boat and saw some beautiful creatures. I am in love with the rays they have, and the giant turtles are truly awesome. Afterwards, we hung out at the beach and went to the arcade before going to get dessert for dinner. When we got home, we stuck with an underwater theme and watched Finding Dory. It was a great day, and just what I needed.


I went back home for a little while to deal with some personal stuff. Although I am rather open on here, there’s just some things I don’t want to go into in much detail, especially as there’s things that involve other people too and that’s not fair. There’s going to be some changes in my life, and I’m not the best at dealing with that. I feel better about it now after talking things through and having a good cry, so I’m hopeful for the future, I guess we’ll just have to see.


While I was back home, the UK was hit with some pretty intense storms. Thunder and lightening fascinate me and terrify me in equal parts. It was spectacular to watch, and I managed to capture a bit of the action with my camera.


At the start of the month, I started applying for jobs since I’ll have more time over the summer. I’m pleased to say that I heard back from one of the places I really wanted, and I got the job! So far I’ve worked three shifts  – although the first two were mostly training – and although I’m still finding my feet, its been great. The people are lovely and I sort of know what I’m doing. I’m on a three month trial period, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


At the end of the month, it was Luca’s birthday so we celebrated by getting a take away and watching Drag Race – as if we’d do anything else. I don’t know what I’d do without that guy in my life.

That’s been the highlights of July. Like I said, there have been some tough times too but I’m getting there. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself, and I am actually working through the issues now rather than just stressing about them. I’m hopeful for next month, and I know that even if there are bad days, I can get through them.

Until next time,



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