May 2017

Do you ever look back and struggle to remember what you’ve done? That’s what’s happening right now. I know things have happened this month, but most of my time has been spent trying to get all of my university work done. Nevertheless, I will try and bring you the bits of May 2017 that I remember!

If you didn’t know, I’m doing a degree in Media Studies, and one of the modules I’m taking this year is photography. I’m currently working on a project exploring the adulthood I’d imagined for myself when I was a child. This mostly involves taking a lot of pictures of myself pretending to be successful in different scenarios. One of them is as an artist, and thankfully I know a few who were able to help. At the start of the month, I popped round to Bryony’s to pretend I’m as arty as they are. While I saw there, we made friend’s with a little mouse. What a little cutie.


There were also smaller moments that I want to remember. It might not be as exciting as trips to London or being in exhibitions, but nights in are still part of my life and they deserve to be documented just as much. There was one day when I’d managed to leave the freezer open, so as way of apologising for potentially poising him, I brought Luca and I domino’s and we watched Netflix together. For the record, we survived the freezer disaster just fine.


I also tried venturing out in the dating world this month…somewhat unsuccessfully, but I tried. I’ll spare you all the cringey details, but I don’t think it’s meant to be if the guy openly checks out women while on a date and then asks who you’s rather have sex with. This is from the same guy who asked if people who shag animals are in “your community”. Maybe I am just better off on my own.


The weather’s actually been rather nice and I’m writing this while wearing shorts. Since I’ve got so much uni work to do, most of this month has been spent desperately trying to make sense of various academic texts, but Sid came to help me so it wasn’t all bad.


I had a very interesting meeting towards the end of the month about a project I’m quite excited to work on. I don’t want to give anything away, but it was really nice to be asked for my opinion on it as I’ve been involved in similar things before. I never pass up an opportunity to talk about the projects that I work on as I wholeheartedly believe that those experiences are why I’m where I am today. I was also paid for my contribution in apple pie and ice cream so that helped too.


As I get extensions for my work, most of my friends were finished before me. Laura was amazing enough to help me with my photography, and Asel came to model too once he’d handed everything in. Afterwards we had celebratory pizza with a few more friends, and then a few of us went to the beach. From there, we also went and got waffles because if you’re treating yourself, why not go all out. It was really great to spend some time with Jack and Laura before they go back home for the summer. Plus, waffles!


I’m ending the month still working on uni stuff but only for another week. I did another photoshoot yesterday in which I pretended to be a best selling author. Look out for my novel in an imaginary bookshop near you.


That’s been May.


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