Pray for London


Yesterday, although it still feels like today as I haven’t slept, there was an attack on the people in London, and at present it is being reported that 5 people have been killed with many more injured.

As with other tragedies in the past few years, writing about it here is my way of processing what has happened. This one is particularly hard to take in as it’s in a part of London that I used to be in so frequently. Since I left college, I haven’t been as much, it’s still very familiar and at this moment in time very surreal.

I’ve been in a state of denial to be honest with you. Other than a few news reports, I’ve tried to avoid exposing myself to the details because it breaks my heart. But I need to face up to reality.

This happened. There’s no ignoring that.

What matters now is how we deal with it.

My love goes out to those who have been hurt and killed, their families and to the dedicated members of the emergency services.



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