Memories of you

Sometimes, I forget that we even met. Well, rather I’ve stopped thinking about you. I’ve moved on, and actually moved, although come to think of it you may have done too.

I can go weeks without thinking about you or the time we spent together, then I’ll come across something and there you are again. You’re sprinkled throughout my life even if you’re no longer in it.

Today, it was a Facebook memory rather than my own that brought it all back. You’re no longer my “friend” and its been years since I’ve gone through the photos, but there you were, a reminder than the internet is forever even if everything in that photo has changed now. I have changed now.

I’m conflicted when I look at it.

We look happy, and I think we were, but it’s hard to stop everything that happened afterwards from changing how I feel it. At the time, having your arm around me was cute and comforting. Now, it’s slightly more possessive, but that’s just my emotions talking right?

I wonder if you’ve seen it too.

Not just the photo, I wonder if you think about me sometimes. Am I sprinkled throughout your life in the way you are mine? You had no problem cutting me out back then, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you got rid of every single trace of my existence. But maybe I cross your mind occasionally.

You’re definitely a part of my past, and sometimes I wish you’d stay there.


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