Today, I am happy.


Here’s a little snapshot of my life.

Today, I spent time with one of my closest friends, Megan. We had lunch in the Marina, before having a little Christmas celebration. We watched one of our favourite films and swapped presents. I even got to wear my new Christmas jumper, it’s been great.

I said my goodbyes to Luca before he goes away for awhile. Usually I suck at goodbyes, but I know that it’s not for long and he’s got a card to open that I spent ages writing for when he gets to where he’s going.

Tonight, I’m sat still in my jumper, with the fairy lights on and mellow music playing in the background as I reflect on the past year and how things are now. It hasn’t been easy, there have been times when I just wanted to give up and walk away, but I didn’t and I’m glad.

There are new people and new possibilities in my life now as well as all the unconditional love that’s always there.

I’m happy and I want to remember that.


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