French Kisses

I fell in love with a French girl

She had the brightest hair I’ve ever seen

I thought that was why she stood out

Now I know it’s because she was my queen


I lost myself in her green eyes

As she held me and danced the night away

Time flew by  and morning came too quickly

But I smiled when she asked me to stay


Dances quickly turned into dates

Dates into kisses, kisses into more

Fingers lightly tracing across my skin

Watching the night sky as shooting stars soar


It was so easy when we fell in love

But after a while, things started to change

We spent less time together and it hurt

Yelling at each other stopped feeling strange


We’d argue over little things

Forgetting all about the stuff that mattered

Enough was enough, I was so tired

But as you left me there, my heart shattered


I miss you but you’ll never know

It’s all too raw, too painful to mention

We’re moving on now, and “it’s for the best”

The love is gone now, leaving just tension


I fell in love with a French girl

But this time round, it wasn’t meant to be

Maybe we’ll meet again in the next life

And the French girl will fall in love with me.


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