Movie Monday: We Need To Talk

Back at the start of the year, I set myself a challenge to post every Monday and decided that since I really like movies, I would do film reviews. It’s nearly the end of the year and I’ve actually stuck to it. So, what is the problem?

Well, in all honest, the majority of them suck.

It’s become more of a hassle than something I enjoy writing, and because of that and a lack of time, they’ve usually been a bit rubbish. There have been a few that have been more of a discussion and actually engaging, but those posts are few and far between.

In the past month or so,  I haven’t had that much time for writing and my blog has suffered because of that, but I don’t want to give it up or Movie Monday for that matter. There are changes that I want to make, but it’s going to take a while.

This is more a stream of consciousness post for me to look back on, but if you have an advice or comments, I’d be interested to hear them.

I’ve been juggling a lot lately, and unfortunately blogging has fallen off the radar a little.


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