When we last left off, I’d just moved into my new house in Brighton and a lot of this month has revolved around the house. Of course there was lot of unpacking and sorting out to do. It was at this time that Luca had to go back home for a week, so I was left to deal with everything on my own.


The problem was that it really wasn’t a home yet. The fridge didn’t work, outside was a mess and there wasn’t any wifi. My first few nights involved watching dvds on my laptop while sat on sofa – how very exciting, right? It was all getting a little much to be honest with you, so I ended up coming home for a few days since there wasn’t really much else I could do.

When I came back, it was time to get things sorted. The new fridge finally arrived and someone came to analyse some of the other issues. I also  had a meeting for something very exciting that I’ll get onto later. Luca finally came back and we spent less than 24 hours together before it was my turn to go away for a week. Sometimes I question whether we do actually live together.


Carys and I had booked ourselves a week away up north and it was quite the adventure. After a very,very long drive we arrived in the Lake District and boy was it pretty. Never in my life have I seen so many sheep and I was pleased to see the stone walls that I associate with the countryside. The holiday deserves it’s own post, but I wanted to mention how amazing it was. It was great to get away from everything for a while, and there’s no one I would have rather have spent it with. I’m so lucky to have her in my life and I certainly wouldn’t have the adventures I do without her.


Then it was back to reality, and straight back to work (if I can call it that). I do a lot of different projects in my spare time and through that all kinds of opportunities come up. One such opportunity involved being invited to give my opinion on plans for an upcoming exhibition at Brighton Museum next year. Although it was intimidating to be among professionals and actual adults, it was great to be asked and to feel listened to. I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke to a few people and realised that sometimes you just have to be brave enough to be the first one to say hi. It’s very early days, but I can’t wait to see what it turns into.

A few days later I was back at the Museum to work on a different project with the Museum Collective. It’s fair to say that when I got up that day, I never imagined that I’d be spending the evening bonding with a cute but mischievous squirrel. That’s all the context you’re getting for now, my life certainly takes some strange turns. In keeping with being social, one of the other people from the group and I ended up spending some time together afterwards and ended up walking along the beach before going for some waffles. It really was an unpredictable day.dsc_5063

September involved saying goodbye to some friends and hello to others. Megan was finally back in the UK and being the helpful friend I am, I helped her move back into halls. I’d kept some of her stuff here over summer and had the task of carrying a very heavy and brightly coloured box down the massive hill to the bus stop and then up another hill the other end. I’m not in the best of shape, but I’m definitely getting some muscles after all of that.


As well as all of that, I’ve been working really hard this month (and the past few) on something very exciting. I’m working on a project called Into The Outside and part of what we’re doing involves producing our own creative pieces of work. We’re about half way through the project and it’s the perfect time for an exhibition as part of a photography festival. Yep, that’s right, my work is going to be on display for the world to see.It’s  deeply personal and explores the last year of my life.  I’m so excited and terribly nervous for people to see it.

Tonight is opening night for the festival and tomorrow the exhibition (as well as others around town) opens to the public. If you’re in Brighton, pop in and have a look! It’s on at the Grand Parade campus of Brighton University for a month. October certainly is going to interesting!



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