A New Chapter, A New House

As you’re reading this, I’m unpacking boxes in my new house in Brighton. It’s a lovely little place and I’m sharing it with my wonderful friend Luca – if you go back through the monthly updates, you can read all about us trying to decide where to live. It’s been quite the journey from there, and I can’t wait to make memories here.

Obviously, I’m a little busy right now, but I’ve written this in advance so that I have something to post – super organised right? It’s only taken all month. There’s no wifi yet, so you’ll have to wait to hear how things are going.

As I’m actually writing this, it’s my last night at home (my parent’s house and the place I grew up) for a while. I’ve spent the past few days packing and trying to be more organised with it than when I moved into halls, but I don’t think I actually succeeded with that. There’s always next time I suppose.

Considering that I don’t like change, I’m pretty calm compared with last year. I think it helps that I know more about where I’m going and who with. Plus, there’s not going to be as many people since moving in with 8 strangers was quite overwhelming.

I wanted to make this post to keep a record of it. It’s the start of a new chapter, and I’m excited to see what this one’s got in store.


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