Movie Monday: Finding Dory


After 13 long years of waiting, we finally have a sequel to Finding Nemo creatively named Finding Dory. The story involves Dory, the lovable but forgetful Blue Tang (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), going in search of her parents that she was separated from as a child.

It’s a cute film about what it means to be a family. As with all Pixar films, it’s great for adults and kids alike with plenty of easter eggs from their other movies. I loved it, but I would have enjoyed having some more of the characters from the first film back again. It was a touching tale and I definitely shed a few tears.

It falls a little short compared with the first one, but it’s still got the Pixar level feels and lovable characters. My favourite of the new bunch is an octopus called Hank (but I don’t want to tell you anything else about him, because spoilers!).

Great for the holidays, I just wish we hadn’t of had to wait so long.





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