Film Thoughts

I’ve just been sorting through all my dvds to take with me when I move – as it turns out I’ve got quite a lot- and I got to thinking about films.

On a monday, I review a film here on my blog. The majority of them are short reviews between 150 – 200 words, with the occasional longer post with more of a discussion. I started back in January and challenged myself to write every monday (with the exception of holidays), and so far so good. It’s a way for me to try and keep my writing regular and to share my love for films.

Recently though, I’ve been thinking about the discussion type posts since I’ve found myself writing a few more of them in the past weeks. I’ve really enjoyed writing them, and I think it’s something I want to write more of. The problem is that I’m not always that confident with what I’m writing. Although I like movies, I don’t know a lot about them. I’m hoping to change that by taking film studies next year, and that will potentially give me a lot more to say.

This post is rather a stream of consciousness – a way of processes my thoughts and feelings. I’m interested to hear any thoughts you have on the subject and your opinion on shorter, snapper reviews vs more discussion-based posts.

Also, any movie recommendations are always welcome!


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