The just in case post

I’m going out tonight but I haven’t had a chance to write anything yet and since I don’t know when I’ll be back, here’s a just in case post.

Top quality blogging, really.


Edit: I did make it home with 20 minutes to spare, but if I hadn’t of written earlier I probably wouldn’t have done. I’m keeping this post up because it speaks of my lack of organisation for this month as my life has become more hectic than I planned and I’ve really struggled to motivate myself out of the chaos.

I keep saying that next time I’ll be better, and I do want to be, but I think that August is the wrong time of year. The problem is I’ve stuck to it now and although there isn’t an actual commitment to continuing, I feel as though I should. There’s been so many projects that I’ve started and not finished and I won’t let this be another one of them. Maybe I’ll do this again sometime this year and see how organised I can be.

Watch this space!


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