London Calling

Back in June, Megan and I went on an adventure to London. She’s got a list of things to see and do in England while she’s over here and I tried my best to act as a tour guide.

We actually started our day at different attractions: Megan wanted to see St Paul’s and I wanted to see the rest of an exhibition at Tate Modern. Luckily, they’re just either side of the river.


We stopped for lunch and were in the right place at the right time to see the red arrows flying across the sky with their colourful trails.


Then we hopped on a tube round to the Tower of London and walked across Tower Bridge. The pictures we took wouldn’t be complete without the grey London skies and it was at this moment that the Heavens opened up and it tipped it down.


We headed over to the V&A to dry off and looked around their performance display. It had been renovated since the last time that I’d seen it, making it more gorgeous that ever. I really like theatre and love being able to see some of the props and costumes up close.


I also find it fascinating to see the work that goes into creating the scenery. They have small scale models to show off some of the set design and the details are incredible.


Afterwards, we headed over to another icon of London: Harrods.


Because I’m a big kid, we stopped at the toy section the longest and I dreamed about all the toys I definitely can’t afford. If you know anything about me, its that I love Lego and I was impressed with the Lego Harrods complete with window displays. That must have taken someone a long time to build, but I am kind of jealous that that is their job.


After a lot of walking and only a little bit of getting lost, we boarded a train back to Brighton and eventually got home. Overall, it was a fantastic day – even if we did get a little bit wet, but that’s London for ya!


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