Florida [Day 5]: Happy Birthday to Me!

On June 22nd, I woke up very excited and not just because I was in Florida. 22nd June is my birthday and this year I was going to be spending it at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I was turning 22 but I’m still a big kid on the inside.

The day started with breakfast as it always does. Mum had packed my birthday cards for me to open and I even had a badge with my name on it to wear. Then it was time to get ready and go.


I loved the Hollywood Studios as soon as we walked in – it’s beautiful and I loved all the little details. The first thing we did was to have a walk around and take it all in before stopping to see The Muppets Show because there wasn’t much of a wait. No spoilers, but if you like Fozzie’s jokes, you’ll like them even more in 3D.

DSC_0258If you haven’t guessed, I’m quite the movie fan so the first ride that we went on after walking round was The Great Movie Ride which brings iconic scenes to life. It’s slow paced, but it moves through the different genres and each part feels different from the last. The munchkins from The Wizard of Oz were probably the scariest part, but overall really enjoyable.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney World without meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse and I had the honour of hugging sorcerer Mickey. I was even dressed for the occasion with Mickey and Minnie on my t-shirt which they both loved. I’m really awkward when it comes to having my photo taken, it was totally worth it.


To get out of the sun, we walked round Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream which is an exhibition all about the man himself and how the Disney name came to be what it is today. It was one of my favourite things to see as it was a reminder of all the effort that went into his work. Disney’s not perfect, but it is magical.


As Dinsey now own the rights to Star Wars, there was quite a Star Wars area and a show on the main stage. It meant standing in the sun waiting for it to start but I got some great photos and my brother enjoyed it, so it was worth it.


The ride that came most recommend for my to do list was Tower of Terror and I timed it well when I arrived as there was only a 20 minute wait. My family chickened out meaning that I had to go on by myself, but it was great. Essentially, the ride is a drop through the tower, some of which is open so that you can see the park. I totally screamed when it fell, but no where near as much as the lady behind me who only stopped when the crew member came to make sure we got off okay.


We got ice creams and a crew member sang Happy Birthday to me. It’s certainly something I’ll remember and he was pretty good at impressions too. Normally, I don’t really like the fuss, but I tried to make the best of it – even if I was blushing.

After a few more rides, it was time to go home and celebrate with cake. We decided on cupcakes rather than a birthday cake since they were huge and we’d never have gotten through one. I didn’t get to make a wish because we couldn’t find any candles, but honestly, I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday.


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