Crimson Waves

I’m about to write about something that I didn’t think I’d ever be writing about on this little blog of mine. I’ve tended to stick to “safe” topics rather than anything that might cause a stir because that what I’ve always been taught to do – don’t draw too much attention to yourself, sit and play quietly like a good little girl. Well, I’m growing up now and so is this blog.

“What is this hugely controversial topic that you’re going to talk about?” I hear you cry.


Growing up I’d rather die than admit to anyone other than my mother that I was on my period. I still get a little shy talking about it now and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s no big secret that it happens. Roughly half of the population have vaginas and it’s something that Mother Nature cruelly intended – So why the big taboo?

Anyway, the reason that I’m breaking my bloodied silence is because I came across an article about a swimming pool that put up a sign telling women that they shouldn’t swim if it’s that time of the month. I seem to have fallen asleep and woken up in the past, this can’t really be happening in 2016, can it?

A woman is the (unelected) Prime Minister of the UK. The Queen is female. Women are growing up to be whatever they want whether that’s doctors, astronauts, Olympic champions or stay at home mums, and yet this swimming facility doesn’t think that they’re capable of knowing how to swim with a tampon in? Madness.

In the article, the gym were reported of putting up the sign over “contamination fears”. Apparently, one women had a small accident and now there’s all this fuss. My problem here is trying to understand how the chances of that happening differ from other forms of contamination that can happen to swimming pools.

If you get particularly grossed out, you should probably stop reading here.

First of all, menstrual blood isn’t the only kind of red stuff that could accidently leak during a swim. Anyone with a recent cut or graze could lose a plaster and knock a scab, but there aren’t signs stopping the injured swimming. How about people with snotty noses and I’m pretty sure that everyone sweats. This is without mentioning the possibility of any other kinds of accidents in the water.

My point is that the human body is full of liquids that occasionally end up on the wrong side of the skin and could potentially end up in the swimming pool. That’s why it’s full of chlorine anyway, and while I understand the frustration of having to deal with a contamination, it’s not the only sort that could happen.

If they’re that worried about accidental leakage ending up in their water, might I suggest providing tampons in the changing rooms rather than banning women.

Firstly, banning women on their period seems bad for business. The average period lasts 4 -7 days, that’s a lot of time not spent using your pool. Not to mention the business you’ve probably lost from the outrage at the sign in the first place. Secondly, how on earth are you planning to enforce such a ban? Is there going to be some kind of security check before women can go for a swim? Do ladies need to see a doctor and get the thumbs up before they can go for a dip? Please dig yourself a little deeper into the hole and enlighten me.

The whole thing is frankly ridiculous and highly offensive. Personally, I can’t understand wanting to do anything other than hibernate with a hot water bottle, but if someone wants to exercise during their period, that is none of your business. Maybe you should get back to cleaning your pool and let them get on with it.

Link to the article:



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