One last poem for you

Goodbye to the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen,
The ones that sparkle with mischief
Hidden under eyelashes that flutter more than butterfly wings.
So many times I’ve stared deep into them
As you reveal your secrets, confess your love, tell me that we really should get back to watching the movie,
I can’t believe that this is the last time.

Goodbye to the fingers that ran through my hair,
In passion, in comfort, in moments of idleness when there wasn’t anywhere else I’d want to be.
I’ve seen them tremble with fear that you’d never admit as your life changed forever.
I’ve watched as they perform magic transforming a sleepless night into a healthy glow.
I’ve held them as we leaped into the unknown.
What I wouldn’t give to have them laced in mine.

Goodbye to the mouth that works miracles,
Brightening the room with a smile, healing the pain with a kiss,
Stopping my heart with the whisper of three little words.
I know the taste of your lips, how hard to bite to give you shivers,
What it means when you bite your own and can’t meet my eye.
The last time your mouth met mine it lasted for seconds and years all at once.

Goodbye we said again and again until it was true,
Standing in the driveway that I used to run up to meet you,
Tears falling from those eyes, brushed away by those fingers.
I loved you and you, I but sometimes that isn’t enough.
Life brought us together and then got in the way as it always does,
And though we tried and tried and tried to make it work, we still have to let go.

Goodbye to the queen of my heart, the believer in my dreams, until our next adventure.



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