Florida [Day 4]: Only Fish Should Be This Wet

Day four of my Florida adventure was spent at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s split into different areas of the world and there’s animals in each part. There’s also a range of shows and rides, and since it’s smaller than the Magic Kingdom, there’s less walking to do.

After a bit of a walk around, we went on Dinosaur (the ride) which involves being in a jeep that travels back in time. It’s rather bumpy and there’s some bits in the dark, which really upset the person behind me who screamed and shouted the entire ride. Apart from nearly being defend, it was a pretty good ride.

DSC_0009 (1)

Next we went to see Finding Nemo – The Musical. It was great to be inside as it was turning into a rather hot day, and Finding Nemo is one of my favourite films, so I was intrigued as to how they’d turned a feature length underwater animation into a stage show. Without spoiling anything, the show was a little surreal. The kids around us loved it, and I got into it after awhile, but I definitely wondered if I had hallucinated the entire thing. The performers were all enthusiastic and there were lots of bright colours. It’s worth checking out if you’ve got the time, but maybe not first on the to do list.


Since it was really hot out, we decided to brave the Kali River Rapids ride. Usually, I quite good with water rides and don’t mind getting a bit splashed, but this one took it to a whole new level. I guess it was just bad luck that I happened to be sitting on the side that I was since the other side were only a little wet whereas I looked like I’d fallen in. With water dripping from my hair, I wrung out my underwear in the loo and questioned every decision I’d made in life that had gotten me to that point.

Mum and I walked round some animals as we tried to dry out in the sun. There was a walk through experience with some birds and they were pretty beautiful. Although there was a card to tell you what they were, we still had trouble identifying them. It was warm and I was starting to dry, but my enthusiasm for the day was still quite damp.


We decided that because we were all still wet despite the heat, it was probably time to call it day. As we headed to the exit, we walked past a ride with a short queue and decided to give it a go before we left. The ride was Expedition Everest and given the short queue we hadn’t really looked at what it was until just before we were getting on. We could see from the outside that it was roller-coaster that went through some artificial mountains, what we couldn’t see that it was it went backwards…in the dark…for what felt like 5 minutes. I’m a fan of roller-coasters when I know what’s going to happen, but that bit was a bit much for me – and far too much for my poor mum. The high speed drops outside weren’t too bad, but my legs were shaking a little when it was time to get off. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this since the kid next to me boasted that he’d already been on it 5 times.

Still a little wet and feeling a little sick, we went home. We had multi-day tickets which meant that we could come and go from the parks allowing us to have shorter days which if you’re around for a while is probably the best way to go. We got to visit each park at least twice during our trip and not all of it was spent walking round in wet shorts.


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