Reacting to “Anxiety, Depression, and Being a Downer” : A Video about mental health

Image taken from YouTube
Image taken from YouTube: charlieissocoollike

Yesterday, Youtube star charlieissocoollike ( real name Charlie McDonnell) posted a video talking about his mental health. It was honest, unscripted and probably one of the most relatable videos I’ve seen in a while.

Although it’s talked about more now than it has been in the past, there’s still a taboo around talking about mental health. McDonnell put it perfectly when he described feeling “whiny” about things, and it was easier to attribute things to laziness rather than an actual problem. The issue being that people are too self-conscious, too convinced that it’s their fault rather than an illness to seek help.

But mental illnesses are real illnesses and although you might not be able to see the symptoms, they’re definitely there.

I’m thankful for the video because it can be used as a starting point for a conversation; someone might see it and feel more comfortable talking about what they’re going through because someone else has been brave enough to be open about it. It might not seem like much, but it might be the confidence boost that someone needs to go and talk to their GP (and perhaps to seek further help if similar to Charlie, the first person isn’t that helpful).

There isn’t a big revelation or conclusion for this post, I simply wanted to bring it to your attention and help to further the conversation. We can’t tell what’s happening in other people’s heads, but being honest about our own feelings and working to remove the stigma around mental illness is so important.

It’s better to have a difficult conversation with someone than it is to lose a friend.

Link to the video:


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