Three in a Row

Have you noticed a spike in my blogging activity lately?

There’s a reason for that.

Today, on the 3rd of August, will be the 3rd post I’ve posted this month (plus the monthly update on the last day of July). I’m not bragging or anything, just pointing that out.

For the past few years I’ve challenged myself to write something every day in August and this year will be no different. It helps with my writing if I’m working towards some kind of goal and it’s good practice. In some years I’ve taken part in official challenges, but so far I haven’t found one but I’ve started anyway all on my own (if you know any, please tell me!).

Now, since we’re towards the start, is probably a good time to introduce myself and my blog just in case you’re new here, and if you’ve been around awhile it’s a chance to remind you what my face looks like – I’m sure you’ve missed seeing it.

So, Hi I’m Charlie, I’m 22 and this is my face.


I’ve just finished my first year at university studying Media Studies and I’m back home for the summer.

I started writing this blog just over three years ago and since then it’s seen a fair few changes. At the moment though (and probably for the foreseeable future) my blog is a mixture of my life, my opinions and the things I find interesting. There’s weekly short movie reviews, bits about my experiences working on various projects and some photo posts to show you my adventures as well as talking about them.

If you want to know a bit more about me, there’s a section for that as well as a FAQ (which needs a little updating, but most of it’s still true).

If you like what you see, subscribe and stick around for awhile; who knows what the future holds!



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