Cookies, Cameras and Creative Writing


Way back in February, I mentioned that I’d just started a new project with the Museum Collective in Brighton. It involved using cookies and googly eyes, but other than that I kept it pretty vague.

A few months later, I can tell you that all the hard work is over and all the effort is paying off. The project was all about experimental film making inspired by an upcoming exhibition, and over the course of a few sessions I made various experimental pieces using different methods.

My work, along with that of the rest of the Museum Collective, will be featured in the museum later on in the year (You can bet you’ll get more details about this closer to the time).

Until then, you can read a bit more about the project in a post I’ve written on the Brighton Museums blog. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you too could have a go at making your own experimental film pieces! Below is a quote taken from the Brighton Museums blog about how you can get involved in the exhibition project:

We are looking for films made by people living or working in Brighton & Hove that respond to the theme of experimental film making. These can be made using film, video, mobile phones, digital software or homemade equipment. The films must be no longer than five minutes and can tell a story, be animated or give a sense of a feeling, thought or emotion.  We are really interested in the ways people use experimental and playful techniques to make films, including interesting editing, adapting film stock or cameras and lenses, and using digital technologies in new ways. Show us something new!

For more information, visit: Experimental Motion: calling all film makers


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