Florida [Day 3]:Parades, Fireworks and Magic

As we drove under the sign for Disney World, I became a 5 year old again – well at least on the inside. I imagine myself all wide-eyed and mouth open, but in reality I was trying to keep my cool. Needless to say, I was excited.

For our day at Disney World, we were going to the Magic Kingdom.

We parked the car, got on the tram through the car park, boarded the monorail to the gate and finally we were in. As we were walking up Main Street there was a parade that we managed to catch a little bit of. It was the welcome parade and everyone stopped to watch. Donald Duck waved at us and then we were off to explore.

The first bit that we came to was Tomorrowland. As the name suggests, it’s themed around the future and space. After a quick look around to get our bearings, the first ride that we went on was the People Mover. It’s a nice slow tour that highlights the best Tomorrowland has to offer. From there, we headed to the Carousel of Progress. I didn’t know anything about it other than it had less than a 5 minute queue and the whole building was moving. Again, it’s a nice slow paced ride in an air conditioned building. It was really interesting as although the mechanics of it have changed of the years, the concept has stayed the same. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…



With the song still stuck in our heads, we went off to explore some more. This was mainly a day for looking round and getting used the heat, so we did an awful lot of walking. We stopped for lunch at Pinocchio Village before I got to re-live my childhood on Small World. I’m not sure why Disney need to have catchy songs for their rides, but you can bet that this one got stuck in my head too for the remained of the day. That said, it’s a classic.


After a few more rides and another parade, it was time for another legendary ride: The Haunted Mansion. I remembered very little about the version in Paris or the movie, but it came highly recommend and I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Apart from the manic queue that could have used a little better lighting (I know that it’s spooky, but it’s also a tripping hazard), it was fantastic. It’s a bit judder-y but it all adds to the atmosphere.


Back in Tomorrowland, I made myself a little bit dizzy on Star Command – a lazer shooting game in which you help Buzz Lightyear defeat Zurg – but it was totally worth it when I won. Then we had what felt like the world’s biggest ice creams and waited for yet another parade.


This time it was the Main Street Electrical Parade and it was gorgeous. They turned the street lights out so that you could appreciate the twinkleyness  in all it’s glory and there was even a lit-up Big Ben to make me feel at home. Hats off to Disney, they really know how to line the streets and sprinkle some magic. We then stayed for the fireworks display which was beautiful. The sky lit up behind the castle and it really was what dreams were made of.


Part of me didn’t want to leave after that, but it had been a very long day and my bed was calling me. After cramming back on the monorail and finding the car, it was time to head home and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.


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