Movie Monday: Me, Earl and The Dying Girl


Me, Earl and The Dying Girl is a touching comedy with the plot easily summed up in the title. It’s about the main character, Greg, the co-worker he makes short films with and the dying girl, Rachel, that his mum insists he befriends.

I really like the movies within the film which are parodies of famous flicks. Personally, I found that seeing the clips and the artwork all based on bad puns helped to balance out the sadness of the movie. Take this as you’re warning, it did make me cry, but its still worth the watch with a tissue.

The writing is fantastic, and I loved the chapter headings (which I’m assuming are taken from the book on which the film is based?). I appreciate all the effort that went into the details like the film cases and the cut aways. It wasn’t too cheesy and that’s refreshing.

The only reason that I’m not giving this film a perfect 5 stars is because I wanted a little bit more from the ending. Without spoiling anything, it did wrap things up and come full circle but I wanted to know what was next for the characters, where did they go from here? That’s something that I kept coming back to for a few days after. What happened next? But I’d rather than was resolved with a few extra minutes of footage than a sequel. Please don’t ruin it with another movie.

In conclusion, go see this film. Watch it, enjoy it, then come back and tell me what you think happens after the credits.

4.5/ 5


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