Florida [Day 2]: Exploring an Old Town

For our trip to Florida, we had multi-day tickets to both Disney World and Universal Studios, but we decided to have a settling-in day first. It was Father’s Day and being the loving (and organised) daughter that I am, I’d packed my Dad’s card for him to open on the day. The only problem was that my brother and I both have good taste which meant that we ended up buying the same card!


We were in desperate need of supplies since the place we were staying in was self-catering. It’s something that we usually do because it means that we can eat whenever we want to, rather than sticking to a schedule – which really came in handy with the parks. Reception gave us directions to the closest supermarket and we were on our way.

It’s much easier shopping in a country in which English is the first language. Although the brands are different, it was easy to find similar stuff to what we’d eat at home. There was also a “British” section which was mostly made up of squash, Rich Tea biscuits and Cadbury chocolate. It was next to some elaborate sand moulds that I was a little fascinated by. The prices were a little confusing since they don’t include TAX (Why America, Why?), but we managed to get enough food for a few days.


After Lunch, Mum and I went of to have a little explore around the local area and we stumbled across a place called Old Town at the end of the road. The main part consisted of a walkway of shops which looked as if they were taken out of Wild West era. It was obvious that the place had scene better days as some of the shops were closed down or replaced with ones that didn’t have the same aesthetic. It had some questionable entertainment in the arcade and the were also a few rides and the remains of game booths. It was pretty, and I’d love to have seen it in it’s hayday.


We continued on a little further and discovered why no one in America walks – you can’t get across the road! I kid you not, there were like 10 lanes of traffic which you’re expected to cross in under a minute. Somehow we made it across to look in some gift shops which were all painted to depict a flag and symbols of America – y’know just in case you got hit by traffic and needed reminding where you were. They were also next to a place called ‘Machine Gun America’ – we definitely weren’t in Croydon anymore.


On the way back, we had another walk through Old Town. I took quite a few pictures (although I’m not quite sure the best place to upload them yet –  maybe Flickr?) and we looked around a slightly-out-of-place-but-still-really-cool 50s themed shop. There was even a tiny British shop which contained mostly Doctor Who memorabilia. Florida is quite warm, so we stopped for some ice creams before heading back. I got the Kit-Kat flavoured one and it was delicious.


That night I could barely contain my excitement. The next day was our first trip to Disney World!


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