Movie Monday: Barbershop- The Next Cut

On my way back from Florida, I was flicking through the films available on the plane and Barbershop: The Next Cut is on the list. I vaguely remember seeing the trailer awhile ago, and decide to give it ago. While doing some research for this post, I’ve discovered that it’s the latest in a series of Barbershop movies, but as I haven’t seen the rest, I will be reviewing this one as a stand alone film.


As the title suggests, the film is set in a Barbershop in Chicago that has seen better days. The neighbourhood has become increasingly violent and Calvin (played by Ice Cube) is concerned that his son might join a gang. Something’s got to be done to save the neighbourhood, and in the process the shop, and its down to Calvin and his employees to do it.

It’s very socially relevant and takes the subject matter seriously, but at the same time, it is a comedy and it did really make me laugh. There’s great chemistry between the cast and there wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t interested in what was happening.

It’s definitely worth watching if like me you happen to stumble across it.



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