June has been a rather big month and a lot of stuff has happened both in my life and in the wider world. I’ve written a few posts about some of these over the 30 days which is helpful since I’m knackered now, but we’ll get on to that.

Let’s go back to the beginning. At the start of the month I was madly trying to get my essays finished but for my sanity I still found time to spend with some friends. Since Luca left, I’d been kind of lonely, but luckily for me, someone I met at one of my projects invited me out for the evening. We went for pizza and vegan ice cream, before spending a very long time talking about everything and anything until some ridiculous hour in the morning. They’re pretty cool and I’m grateful they dragged me away from the books for a while.


When I eventually got home, it was back to the books. Finally, on the 9th, I submitted my last essay and finished my first year of university. It’s gone scarily fast, but an awful lot has happened. I’ve met people and learnt a few things (well, at least I hope I have for £9,000 tuition). I can’t wait for next year and all the next experiences that will bring.

To celebrate, Megan and I went on an adventure in London before she went back over the pond for the summer. It was a great day even though it rained and we took so many photos that I still need to sort though. The day deserves it’s own post (and one day it’ll get it) but for now, I just want to say that I’m so thankful that I met her and it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year.


A few days later, I moved out of halls.

Again, it’s with mixed emotions and I’ve still not quite adjusted to not going back. It really had become a home away from home and it will always be special to me. It was my sanctuary, my calm away from the storm. I got to met all kinds of people and hear all kinds of music (often very loudly)  and while that’s not necessarily something I’m going to miss, it has been quite the experience.


I ended the month in Florida and I got to spend my birthday in Disney World. I’m purposely keeping this last little bit brief because I want to write a day-to-day account of the things I’ve done here. Plus, it’s been a really long day and I’m still adjusting to the time difference. It’s been incredible so far and you can expect all the details and pictures soon, but for now just know that I’m having a great time.

What a month. Bring on July!


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