Movie Monday: Zootropolis


Zootropolis (or Zootopia depending where in the world you are) is Disney’s big hit of the year set in an animal realm in which predators and pray are equal. The big city, in which most of the movie takes place, consists of different areas for changes in climate and environment. Animals of all shapes, sizes and species live in harmony together – well, at least to start with.

The main character, Judy Hopps, is a bunny with a dream. She wants to be a police officer, and is determined to do whatever it takes despite her small size. She’s witty, kind-hearted and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her.

The plot revolves around Judy trying to solve the case of a missing otter and in doing so proving that she’s worth more than just handing out parking tickets.

It’s an amazing film that would be a great way to open a conversation about inequality with younger children. It’s full of big ideas and full of twists and turns. The background is full of amazing details, like the different sized doors on the subway, that warrant a second watch to appreciate all of them.

Whether you’re a spring chicken or an old dog, this film has got something for you.



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