This month has felt like a blur of essays and deadlines (some of which aren’t quite over). It’s been quite uni-focused as I finished all of my lectures and really started devoting my time to my work. Luckily for you – and my sanity- there were some fun bits sprinkled in too.

I found myself going home for both Bank Holidays this month, and that meant I got to see Carys for dinner which is always a bonus. It’s great to have a catch up and the food was pretty good too…even if the waiter was a little too friendly.


The sun actually came out to play, which meant that me, Megan and just about everyone else within the region headed to the beach. Also, I got to take Megan to Nandos for the first time since they don’t have it in the US. So much delicious food.

It was great to be outside in the lovely weather, but it was a little strange seeing the Brighton Wheel being taken down. It had become quite the icon and I felt a little sad knowing that it wasn’t going to be lighting up my nights any longer.But still, the beach as always was wonderful. .


I got more involved in a project that I’m working on with other young people. We met a few times throughout the month and while I don’t want to go into too much detail, I do want to acknowledge it. There’s a lot of taking photos and getting to know other people, and in the end it’ll result in something amazing – but for now, that’s all you’re getting!

DSC_1384The middle of the month was mostly filled with me chained to my desk typing away, and looking back at it now, I did actually manage to get an awful lot done, but at the time it didn’t feel that way. The truth is I missed Luca and I missed home. I’m so close to the end of my first year, but I was really losing my motivation. The end is within sight, and I will get to the finish line …even if I have to crawl there.

The end of the month though was pretty exciting. IMG_3983.JPGCarys and I had tickets to go see Busted live at the O2 and it was incredible! I’d never been to a gig before as I’m not so good with crowds, but I’m getting there and this one was definitely worth it. If you’re unfamiliar, Busted were a band that split up around 12 years ago when I was still pretty young. I was heartbroken. How was I going to grow up and marry them if they weren’t a band anymore? Totally gutted.


Thankfully, several years on, the boys got back together and this time I was determined to see the show. Carys and I sang and danced our hearts out, and honestly I couldn’t imagine a better first experience. I want to write a full post all about it when all my works done, so stay tuned for that.

IMG_4115Then since I was still back home, I had a long-overdue catch up with the belated-birthday girl Jess. We’ve been through a lot together, and I can’t quite believe that she’s stood by me for over a decade. We’ve grown up together, and faced all of the challenges that come with being “adults”. I don’t tell her that I love her nearly enough, but I hope that she knows deep down, no matter how moody I’m being or how far away I am, that I will always care about her and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

So that’s May.

I feel like I’m missing a million things out, but they’ve mostly been tears of frustration and hours spent staring at a screen. The pressures on, but I really hope that it all pays off in the end. The time has flown by and that’s bittersweet. I’ve had a lot of fun, but I can’t believe my first year is just an essay away from being over. This year is going by so fast.



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