Movie Monday: 2016 so far

Since I’m coming up to my deadlines and I’ve had a rather busy Bank Holiday weekend, I haven’t actually watched any films this week. Because I still want to give you guys something, here are my top three movies from this year* so far:


Coming in at number 3 we’ve got Legend starring Tom Hardy as the two main characters. It’s a brilliant film about the Cray Twins who ruled the East End of London way before the Mitchell brothers arrived on Albert Square. I have a fascination with criminals and this film looked into their lives as they built their empire. Although at first it was a little hard to tell who was who, it was still enjoyable and as with all the films on this list, I highly recommend seeing it.


At number 2, there’s the first film I went to see at the cinema this year: The Danish Girl. Staring Eddie Redmayne and based on real life events, the movie follows the story of the first ever sex change to be performed and how that came to be an option at a time when anything other than heterosexual cis-gender was considered to be a mental illness. Of course the story has been simplified and dramatised, but it’s touching nonetheless and an eye-opener to a history that I didn’t know anything about.

And finally, the number 1 film of the year so far …*drum roll*



I can’t get enough of this film and Ryan Reynolds. I was hooked from the moment I saw the trailer and couldn’t get enough of all of the promotional material. The humour was spot on and it was a nice step away from all of the other superhero films of the past few years. It’s definitely not one to watch with the kids, but grab a pizza and some friends and laugh until it hurts.

What do you think? What are your favourite movies from the year so far?



*By this year, I mean films that I’ve watched and reviewed this year, not necessarily ones that have been released in 2016


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