Movie Monday: Saved!

What would you do if you’re perfect Christian boyfriend turned out to like boys?

Do everything you can to show him that he’s wrong, of course!


That’s what happens to Mary who up until this point has had a great Christian upbringing. And then over one school year that all changes and she’s left questioning her friends and her faith.

Saved! is a light-hearted teen comedy about a girl facing up the realisation that solving problems in life isn’t as easy as just praying from them to work out. She has to find another way of dealing with things, and a new group of people since her former friends have turned against her.

Before you going getting all defensive, the film isn’t mocking Christianity itself, but it does question the hypocrisy of the church. It doesn’t set out to be offensive, but if you’re very sensitive, maybe give this one a miss.

I particularly liked seeing Macaulay Culkin in something other than Home Alone, and all of the actors worked well together. The script is full of great jokes and the outtakes are even better. Although it was a film I’d never heard of, once I’d stumbled across it on Netflix, it became one of my go-to pick me ups.

Critically: 2.5 / 5       Feel Good Factor: 5/5


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