Movie Monday: Minions


Back in 2010, the world went crazy for the little denim overall wearing minions in Despicable Me. 5 years later they finally got their own film and an origin story in which they must find the evilest of the evil to serve.

The movie starts with a history of the minions going from one master to the next (my favourite is Dracula, and I’d love to see a short about that story). But when they seem to be stuck in a rut, Stuart, Bob and Dave go on a mission to find a new boss  and save their tribe.

I enjoyed the film, but not as much as the Despicable Me movies. I think after the world went minion crazy, I’m a little sick of the sight of them to be honest. It’s a great one for kids, and the parents will probably enjoy it too, but its missing the heart-warming-ness of a Pixar movie and I was expecting a little bit more after the first two films. It’s worth watching if you stumble across it on TV, but it’s probably not my first choice on movie night.

3 / 5


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