Movie Monday: Beauty and the Beast


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite films from my childhood. It’s got amazing music, funny characters and a footstool that acts like a dog – what more could you want?

This time round, I was watching it to write about masculinity for an assignment as it was the first film that came to mind with different representations. You’ve got Gaston who is the definition of macho, his sidekick who  wants nothing more than to be him and the Beast that learns to love. Fascinating.

If somehow you’ve managed to miss this masterpiece, I highly recommend that you go back, watch it immediately, and then come back to the review as this next bit contains a spoiler.

[There’s a spoiler below, this is your last warning!]

My only problem is the end of the film when he is transformed back into Prince Adam. I know that it the point of the plot all along, but I really prefer the Beast. There’s just something about him when he learns to show his softer side that really melts my heart. It’s a good thing I’ve got the DVD so I can rewind and start all over.



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