How is it that we’re already another month into 2016? This year is going way too quickly! March brought with it days out, dinners and deadlines, but let’s start at the beginning.

At the start of the month, Luca and I finally got around to seeing Deadpool – which is amazing (reviewed here). We made quite the day of it, walking round the lanes and looking in all the nerdy shops. After the film, we went for a little wonder and ended up at the Marina. I’d not really been down to that end of Brighton, and although shops were closed it was still nice to have a look around. There was a little bit of drama between other customers while we were having our dinner, but Luca being the hero that he is stepped in and helped to resolve the situation. Overall, it was a great day and I got some pretty good photos too.


March meant Mothers Day so I went back home for the weekend. Unfortunately, the photo book that I’d ordered turned up late, but Mum loved it when she eventually got it. While I was home, I had a much needed catch up with Carys over dinner at one of our go to places to eat. I really miss the little adventures we’d have, but bring on the summer when we’re bound to have tons more!


A few days later I was back in Brighton, this time with Megan to do some window shopping. It was nice to get out and about in the sunshine and attempt to be a tour guide in the lanes. We looked at jewelry we definitely couldn’t afford and chocolate displays that were too good to eat. There was even a puppet playing the violin by the Pavilion Gardens.


For the film project that I’m working on, we started experimenting with optical apparatus using the museum’s collection as a subject. I was fascinated with the creepy crawlys that were in one of the boxes – mainly because they were safely encased in plastic so I could have a close look without being a wimp.


Also this month, I spent more time at the beach. I’ve wanted to for a while since I live so close, so there were a few nights that Luca and I ended up by the sea. During our adventures, I took some wonderful pictures of the sun setting by the west pier and the wheel being lit up for St. Patrick’s Day.


March meant that I went on Easter break from university and stuffed my face full of chocolate – that’s totally the reason for Easter, right? Before I left Brighton though, I enjoyed another day in town exploring the sights and taking lots of photos you can expect to see in a post coming very soon.

Although there have been anxious days and some rather horrible events this month, looking back it hasn’t all been bad. I’m really glad that I started this monthly update series as it gives me a reason to reflect on everything and appreciate all the small moments that make the month wonderful.




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