Thoughts for the World

DSC_0289Yet again, just days after last time, I find myself with a heavy heart after sitting and watching the news about Yemen. I’ve seen posts online lately about the unfair media coverage  of the terrible events in Europe which complete overshadow equally heart wrenching attacks in other places around the world.

My aim here isn’t to turn this into a political debate since I have a lot to learn about these situations. Its very easy to be disconnected from these things as they’re further away and without the media coverage, you have to put effort into finding out the facts for yourself.

Although it is very little consolation and of no real help, I do want to put it out there that while we stand with Paris and Belgium, we also send our love to all the countries that need it. Regardless of race or religion, we are all people. We really need to remember that.

Love and thoughts going out to everyone that needs them.


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