Movie Monday: Legend


When you’ve got to cast a pair of twins for a movie, how do you make sure they are really identical?  Simple, you get one actor to play both parts!

In Legend, the 2015 film about the Kray twins who ruled over London in the 1960s, Tom Hardy plays both of the brothers and he does an incredible job. Although they look similar, they have very different characteristics and Hardy really captures that.

The film isn’t as violent as I had expected, but there is certainly some strong language, so be warned if that isn’t your kind of thing. It’s a really interesting story, and I love a man in a suit.  Definitely worth checking out if your a crime fan.



4 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Legend

      1. Good to hear, he is pretty solid in most things he does. I like your blog, please give mine a look. But there is some sexy stuff so be warned.

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