Look who’s actually sticking to something they said they would! Two months into 2016 and I’m still keeping up with these update posts – is it too early to celebrate? You’ve got to make note of all the small victories along the way, right?

So, what happened in February 2016?

The main aim for this month was to find somewhere to live for next year. If you didn’t know, I’m currently in my first year at university and I’m staying in Halls, but come June, I’m moving out and I need somewhere to go to after the summer.


I was planning on living on my own next year as after a few months of living with 8 other people, I was totally over this flatmate thing. But then, this guy comes along with many of the same interests and social habits as me – I’d be stupid to turn down his offer of living together. Luckily for me, living with someone else also means that there’s someone else to help find somewhere and make all of the phone calls to intimidating estate agents and essentially do all of the hard work (Thanks, Luca!).

We did some look round, we’d narrowed it down to two places – a flat and a house. After days of thinking things over and going back to have another look round, we finally came to a decision. As of September, Luca and I shall be residing in a very lovely house in Brighton.


At the Museum Collective meeting that I go to once a month, we started our film project and got to experiment with animation. Dan and I, being the creative but dark people that we are, created a story titled Cookie Cannibal and as you can imagine involved a few crumbs. I’ll tell you more about the project in a future post, but for know I want to acknowledge the fact that we spent about half an hour playing with some cookies and googly eyes.


Also, remember a few months ago when I posted about wondering how one goes about making friends? (Refresh your memory here) Well, I only went and did it. This process actually started a while ago, but it paid off this month. Not only do I have someone to live with next year, but I also have an American friend.

It all started a few months ago at dinner when there was nowhere left at my flat table to sit, so instead I sat at the next table along and the rest is history. This month, we went to the cinema together and saw Zoolander 2 which is pretty out there – especially if like Megan you haven’t seen the first one. It’s so nice to have someone to go to dinner with and talk at length with about all sorts of nerdy things. Its so lovely to have her in my life and learn about life across the pond.

If you’ve been counting, that brings my number of official uni friends to a grand total of 3. The no-longer-pink-haired Tyler, the braver-than-me future housemate Luca and the dinner buddy with an accent Megan. When did I become such a social butterfly?


I also received a mysterious parcel from one of my friends back home this month. It’s exciting getting things in the post. It was a box full treats to help me through my studying including a jar of marshmallow spread – I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but I’m grateful anyway.

Overall, a good month. I look forward to starting a new one.



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