My name is Charlie and I’m a technology addict.


I have a problem, and its one I’m finally ready to admit to.

I am a technology addict.

Shocking right? In the digital age that we live in, I can’t bare to be without my phone. I don’t know how to cope without my laptop. What would I even do with my time without Netflix?

I came to this realisation when my tablet suddenly stopped working. Its not a big surprise when you consider how much it’s been used. In the four years that I’ve had it, I’ve used it for at least an hour almost everyday. I would put films or a show on to fall asleep to – it’s become so much of a habit that I find it hard to fall asleep without it.


Before you leave a comment saying how bad that is, I know. Screens produce a light which keeps your brain awake rather than sending it off to sleep, but for me, I need that noise in the background to drift off. I convinced myself that I’d be up this late anyway unable to sleep, not because I want to see what happens next in Breaking Bad.

I know that I have a problem, and I’ve admitted it to the masses, but have I changed?

Not exactly.

I still sleep with my phone either right by my bed or sometimes actually in it. I still spend the majority of my time staring at screens. The only that has changed is that I’m more aware of this now and I feel slightly guilty when I do it.

Only the future will tell if I do manage to control myself and switch off from time to time, or whether this is just another empty promise from an addict.


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