The One Where December Disappears

Decorating the tree is time consuming!

Just like the holiday seasons before it, I had so many plans for this December that have remained very much in the ideas stage. “So, what happened this time?” I hear you cry.

Let me start by saying that I’ve been rather behind with all my blogging lately. University is rather time consuming and I didn’t really have any words left to upload on my blog, so it went without.

Then I came back home for the holidays, which should have meant three weeks surrounded by my friends and family, only I was working. Remember that toy shop I used to work at? Well, they asked me back for Christmas period. I’m grateful for the opportunity and definitely for the money, but every time I got home, I was knackered. The lack of blogging continued.

Which leads us to the big day itself.

I must have been a very good girl this year, because Santa brought me lots and lots of wonderful gifts. I ate way too much food, and spent the day watching films with the family; what else are you supposed to do, right?

Now, its nearly time for a new year, which means a new start and I’ll be pulling my writing socks up. One year I might actually turn my festive ideas into reality. Until then, just know that I’m doing my best to keep up online while I’m living my life offline.

Merry Christmas (hey, it’s better late than never!)


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