University Update

So it’s nearly the end of my first term at university, and I feel like I haven’t blogged that much about it. To be honest, I haven’t really written about anything for a while because it’s been a little overwhelming, but it’s better later than never.

Way back in the beginning, I was having to survive without wifi, and for a while I was powerless too! The problems started before I had even moved in, and then over the first two weeks, we had three power cuts and had to be put on a very noisy generator.

For the amount I pay in rent, you’d think they could at least keep the lights on. The lack of light forced everyone into the corridor, so we actually spent time being social since we couldn’t do anything else. This involved sitting on the floor, having sweet fights and eating biscuits until the generator kicked in.


I’ve started being slightly more social in general actually. Back in inductions week, a pink-haired boy sat in front of me and somehow we got talking. Turns out he’s a local, and he’s in most of my classes. What more could I want in a friend,right? He’s also quite funny, and can distract me from my anxiety most of the time. I’m so glad that I know him.

I do miss my friends from back home though. Luckily, one of them came to visit for a weekend, and it great being able to show her around. There’s already a post about this, so I won’t dwell too much, but it really was a fantastic few days.

My family have also been to visit, which means they take me to get food. Of course its lovely to see them, but one of the best bits is being treated to dinner.

Sometimes there’s no words

We’ve had three birthdays in the flat – two of which were on the same day! For Millie’s birthday, we even had a cake made by one of my other flatmates, Emma. The problem with living in halls is that you don’t always have everything you need, so there was a little improvising when it came to something to mix it in. Sometimes you have to get a little creative.


Course-wise, I’m just over half way through the first semester (semesters and terms are apparently different things – terms are the dates you’re there e.g. til Christmas or Easter, and semesters are more to do with what you do while you’re there). My subjects have gotten interesting, and I’m starting to get into the swing with my work.

There’s been loads of other stuff too, but these are just a few highlights. I’m pretty much settled in now, and while I still have the odd wobble, my anxiety is a lot better than it was in first few weeks. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I’m getting the hang of being away from home.


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