Pray for Paris


Last night my flatmates and I were talking in the kitchen about my trip to France in the summer, about how beautiful it was and how I’d love to go back.

And then I checked my social media.

In a state of disbelieve, I turned to the news. There was only one story that people were talking about, and it is with a heavy heart that I too write about the tragedy, in order to try and process what has happened.

Over 100 people killed, and several more injured. A whole country in a state of emergency, while the rest of the world watches in horror. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of heartache Parisians feel right now.

I’m not particularly religious, but I find myself praying to whoever will listen for the safety of my friends and their families, for peace, for hope. There are so many people out there right now hurting, and while I can just turn off the news and return to my life, their lives are changed forever. Although it is of little comfort, know that the world is thinking of you.



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