Series Sunday: Glee

For those of you that don’t know, Glee aired the final episode of the final series not long ago, and I’m finally all caught up. Yes that’s right, I like Glee – as I’ve said before, its the first 3 seasons that I like, not the middle ones. Season 6 was better than the previous one, but still nothing compared with the orignial.

If you lived in a cave for the past 6 years, Glee is a high school comedy drama about a bunch of misfit kids that all like to sing (well, thats how it started). As with all musicals, the characters regually burst into song to express their emotions, and some of the numbers were actually pretty good. Highlights include “I feel pretty/unpretty”, “smooth criminal”, and of course “don’t stop believing”.

Again, its hard to talk about plot lines because I’m keeping this spoiler free, but the show dealt with issues such as bullying, homophobia, teenage pregnancy, OCD and school shootings.

In 2013, one of the stars of the show, Cory Monteith, tragically passed away. As he was one of the lead characters and because the cast had all been so close, there were many questions around whether the show would return. After a break, Glee did a tribute episode titled The Quaterback. It was rather touching, and I was moved to tears during a performance of “Seasons of Love”. It was a brave decision to come back, and they handled the matter with such respect.

Overall, Glee had quite the cultural impact and had many dedicated fans. Personally, I enjoyed the show to start with and couldn’t get enough. After the cast changed, I was less enthusistic, but contined to watch because I wanted to see where they would take it. By season 5 I was losing interest, but came back for the final since I’d invested so much in these characters. Its not on my list of favourite shows, but it’ll always have a very small place in my heart because of the time in my life I watched it and escaped into song.


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