“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.” ― Karl A. Menninger

Back when I was at school, there were two teachers that really impacted on my life.

The first was one of my photography teachers. Before he was my actual teacher, he used to pop into my media lessons and would compliment my photoshop skills. It’s a small thing, but it really boosted my confidence since I’d taught myself and wasn’t entirely sure I was doing it right.

During my Alevel Photography, he let me do things my way when it came to my sketchbook. Putting my ideas into words is something I’ve always struggled with, and so when I found a way to do it that worked for me, he let me get on with it. He also didn’t laugh at my enthusiasm when I was the only one who turned up for photography film club. He helped me find my passion and believed I could do it, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

My other teacher was my head of sixth form.

She was actually my English teacher first, and let us watch The Muppets Christmas Carol to celebrate the end of term. That’s not why she’s amazing though, that’s much more to do with what happened when I was in sixth form. Amoungst all of the kids she was responsible for, she noticed when I was struggling – not just with my work, but in general – and took me to one side for a chat. A chat turned into a cry, which then turned into a breakdown because things were really bad and I didn’t know what to do.

She not only got me the help I needed, but continued to check in and support me. At the time I was too invovled in my darkness to see how bad things had gotten, but she noticed when no one did. It was the first time I’d hit that low, and things might have been very different had she not stepped in. No words of thanks will ever be enough for that.

Teachers are there to educate you, but sometimes they really go above and beyond; you learn things from them that you’ll rememeber your whole life, not just while you do your homework. You might not always see eye to eye, but they’re doing what they think is best for you. She taught me that learning is for life, no matter what you end up doing- something which I really took on board after I left school and had responsibilities instead of exams.

I might not of been the best student, but I had some of the best teachers!


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