What was your best subject at school?

I’d like to awnser this question with a question: do you mean what subject did I achieve the most in or which subject did I enjoy the most?

Because they are two very different questions, so depending who you asked, you’d get very different responses.

Some of my teachers would say that RE was one of my best subjects because I could write several pages of essays about a given topic and disscuss pros and cons at great lengths. Unfortunately, while the ideas are interesting, Relgious Education was boring and I dreaded going to lessons every week.

Drama was a great subject because it allowed me to express myself and explore other identities. I loved pretending to be someone else or putting myself into an imaginary situation. The performing in front of a class full of people however, was terrifying for a shy kid like me and there were louder, more attention grabbing kids that did much better.

My favourite subject at school was media because it was such a broad topic and I was fasinated by pretty much all of it. I shyed away from it at ALevel because I was encouraged to go for more academic subjects to appeal to universities; no one ever brought up the idea of doing a degree in media.

Luckily for me, that’s what I’m off to do soon. I had to go away and rediscover my passion, but its worked out best for me in the long run because I know that its something I’d want to try a career in. There’s still lots of areas for me to explore, but I’ve got my enthusiasm back.

I have to make the right choices for me, not ones for everyone else.


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