The nervous post

So today I almost forgot to blog because I’ve been spending so much time in my head (nothing new there then!).

Its suddenly hitting me that I move away in just over a month. One month. There’s so much to do in so little time!

If you couldn’t tell already, my aniexty is taking over and its a real struggle to remind myself that everything will be okay. Where am I going to live? What will the other people be like? What if I don’t like it? All the thoughts keep crashing into my brain and it makes it very hard to think logically about things.

This is a post I want to come back to in a few months. After I’ve settled in, I want to reflect on my nervousness and the chaos and report back. I keep telling myself things will get better and I need that confirmation that I was right.

Future Charlie, how did things work out? How are you coping without mum and dad? Tell me some things that have happened since you moved in. What are your friends like? Do they read our blog?

Do you like it there?


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