To Share or Not To Share


Let’s talk about sharing; not as in sharing this post (but please feel free to), I want to talk about sharing our lives with the internet and where to draw the line between what’s appropriate and what’s oversharing. Sometimes its so easy to forget that the things I write are read by actual people – some of whom I know in my offline life.

I’ll start by saying that while I’m happy to talk about most things, there are things I don’t talk online. There’s certain topics that although I have opinions on, I shy away from writing about because once the words are out there I can’t take them back. Most of the time, this happen to be the subjects I’m not entirely comfortable talking about in “real” life (which is a strange distinction between online life and offline, since they’re both real…).

This all came about because of one nameless* issue I’ve been dealing with in my personal life. Unlike my other struggles, this time I didn’t feel like sharing. What if it ended up being seen by the wrong person? What if it came back to bite me on the butt? What if it came out wrong and people got offended?

The thing is, there’s probably people reading this who could help me, and there’s definitely people out there offering advice, but it’s up to me to bring the subject up, and I’m not ready to take that step.

I don’t have a resolution for this problem (or for the nameless issue), so it’s probably something I’ll come back to, but for now I’ll put it to you: How do you know what to share and what to keep private? Are there some subjects you wouldn’t dare write about or are you an open book?

– * Its nameless because I’m still dealing with it and you have no way of knowing what that is. Maybe I’ve grown a third nipple. Maybe I hate everyone around me. Maybe you’ll never know.


2 thoughts on “To Share or Not To Share

  1. I think that you have a good head on your shoulders. I know it must be frustrating knowing you can’t seek help here, but it’s a good thing. There are definitely some things that should not be plastered around the internet. I have something in my life right now that I would love to write about, but I just can’t right now. Maybe one day…

    1. Thank you, and thanks for your input. I think that while this certain thing is an issue, I can’t talk about it because of how fast things can change but the post would be stuck forever. Whereas, hopefully one day I’ll feel confident enough for it not to be a problem anymore. Somethings need to be dealt with privately before letting people in, especially the World Wide Web.

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