Movie Monday: Hector and the search for happiness


At the beginning of the year, i set myself the challenge of watching 300 movies and id been doing okay, but lately i haven’t felt like watching anything. I lost my motivation and I think I had a touch of the blues, but I’m starting to get back to track.

The film that did that was Hector and the Search for Happiness.


Its about a psychiatrist who travels the world to find out what makes people happy. He meets all sorts of characters along the way and writes about it in his journal. It funny, suspenseful and touching as well as beautifully shot and at point imaginatively arty. Simon Pegg is wonderful and hilarious as always. The film is really nothing like I had imagined at all; it’s so much better.

It made me want to go meet people, not like across the world as he did, but just get out of my head and into life. Cant recommend it enough!



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