What would you teach someone else if you were given the chance?

I was a little stumped with what to write about today since I’ve been rather busy and I’ve got to go to work, so I thought I’d look at the NaBloPoMo prompts and today’s is a good one:

“What is something you know that you could teach another person if given the chance?”

First of all, it got me thinking about the skills I’ve developed over the past few years. After I finished school, I took a few years out and it turned into quite the adventure. I learnt how to make gummy bear sculptures and that a hell of a lot of work goes into a seemingly spontaneous flash mob – particularly if said flash mob ends with a conga line into a museum with a live band.

More recently I’ve learnt how to cope with a retail job. I now know how to operate a till and be armed with a price gun. I’ve also learnt about keeping my cool when other people lose theirs. My job looks rather easy (and before you say it, I am aware of all the people that work much harder in much less pleasant situations), but being able to bite your tongue and smile when someone is pretty much accusing you of being the scum of the earth because you can’t magic up something they really want is quite a quality to have.

But, going back the prompt, I think the thing I’d teach someone how to do is something I’ve taught quite a few people over the years. It really surprises me that some people don’t know, and it amazes them when they see me do it.

So what is this wonderful skill that I possess?

Knowing how to turn the sandwich packaging into a plate and then compact the rubbish!


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