Paris: Day Four (11 June 2015)

Day four began with a ride on a double decker train. Unfortunately, we weren’t going far enough to bother sitting down, but still, the train had an upstairs! We were on our way to Notre Dame Cathedral, and boy was it beautiful.


The detailed architecture was incredible and the stained glass windows were amazing. Although I’m not particularly religious, it was still quite an experience to see all the effort that had gone into making such an awe-inspiring place. I didn’t see any hunchbacks though.


You can actually climb all the stairs up to the towers, but since the queue for this was already as long as the building and it was such a hot day, we decided against this, and took a walk down the river instead.


This is where we came across the famous padlocks of Paris. Couples would visit the city, and attach a padlock onto the bridge and throw the key into the river below. Lately, the padlocks have been mysteriously disappearing (mostly likely because the weight was starting to damage the structure), but there were still plenty to be found.


After lunch, we headed to Musee d’Orsay. The building itself is quite wonderful; it used to be a train station and has marvelous clocks. My favourite bit was the Van Gogh pieces, and I loved being able to be so close and see all of the details. I had an audio guide which was helpful to give a bit of context to the work, and to find out more about some of the other pieces. There really is something about seeing masterpieces in person.



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